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ECI and IRPE Prizes

Finanțator: Otto Kinne Foundation
Data limită: continuous

Nominations for the ECI Prize and the IRPE Prize 2004 in Marine Ecology.

Nominations are invited from research ecologists worldwide. They must be accompanied by CV, publication list and a brief statement why, in the opinion of the nominator, the person nominated qualifies for the prize.


Conservation & Environmental Grants

Finanțator: Ford Motor Company Fund
Data limită: continuous

If you are involved in a project to protect the natural environment, or to preserve cultural heritage, we want to hear about it.

The Ford Motor Company Conservation & Environmental Grants program is one of the world’s largest environmental and conservation grants efforts, offering a total grant money of $1,240,000 in over 50 participating countries since the year 2000.

The Grants program comes from the Henry Ford Conservation Awards, originated in Britain in 1983 with a vision to encourage a wide range of people to initiate or join programs that help their local environment, heritage, and natural resources. It provides support to organizations and individuals that focus on preservation of the natural environment and support conservation in a noteworthy manner.